April, 2015

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April 25 Launching Conference- Report with some Pictures

Christ AliveOur ministry launched three projects (Interview, Panel Discussion, and Forum) on April 25 2015. I made it clear during the event that the program was a success story because of many volunteers. They invested their finance, talent, energy, and time. Over twenty people volunteered! Once again, I’m thankful to all our volunteers including speakers, moderator, panelists, worshippers, cameramen, sales representative, ushers, registrars, servants, promoters, and more. May God bless you abundantly!

The conference began with worship led by Christ Alive Band, a dynamic and talented youth. And then, the Senior Pastor of The Church of Atonement Reverend Curt Young, who allowed us to host this conference, opened the conference by prayer. Israel Getu- a gifted poet- also read her inspirational poems to our guests.

The three programs were very interactive where audience members got a chance to ask questions and also share their stories. Some participants came up to me, in the end, and told me how we made their day, and how they enjoyed the event.

InterviewInterview was the first project that was launched. We designed this project because we have witnessed many successful Christians’ stories outside of the four walls of the Church never got a chance to be shared and celebrated. Because of that we lost so many opportunities to learn invaluable lessons from successful brothers and sisters.

During the launching conference, to give our audience the preview of future interviews, Meron Brehane interviewed Chris Parlette about what it means Christian Success. In the future, we will search successful Christians and interview them so that other Christians (especially the young generation) may learn from their experience, how they make ethical decisions, overcome challenges, and continue to balance their secular and spiritual lives. We’ll post their stories on our YouTube channel that please go to our website at the right top corner, and subscribe today so that you won’t miss the next interview.

Panel discussion was the second project that was launched. There’re many controversial, sensitive, and divisive issues that have been avoided by many Christian institutions including the Church. Because of that many Christians are not well equipped to take informed stands concerning these issues.

PanelDiscussion2Dr. Teylama Miabey moderated the first panel discussion. The panelists were Derrick Prather, Dr. Eugene Wilson, Martin Parlette, Dr. Assegid Habtwold, and Chris Parlette. The theme of the discussion was ‘Science and Religion’. The discussion wasn’t aimed at answering all questions in regard to science and religion. The goal was to show our audience how science and religion can compliment. In the future, we’ll pick some controversial and sensitive issues and bring Christian experts to discuss the issues and answer our audience’s questions.

The Forum was the final and third project. This project is designed to empower Christians to succeed in the market and workplace. Here is how it works. Unlike sermon (Don’t misunderstand me. Sermon is important. I’ve given many sermons, and will continue to give), it is engaging and interactive. The presenter brings ideas, insights, principles, and share his/her stories, and then allow the audience to share their stories, and ask questions. The presenter of the first Forum was Martin Parlette, and the theme of his presentation was Living Life Without Worry.

This is my hope that you have enjoyed these programs we just launched, and would like to be part of the upcoming similar events. Whether we shall have such an event once per year, bi-annually, or quarterly, or even monthly depends on the sponsorship, volunteerism, and prayer we get from you. If you would like to be a sponsor and/or volunteer, please let me know.

Audience3If you didn’t attend the launching conference, and/or if you’re new to our ministry, it is a non-denominational ministry, which intend to work with all Christian denominations- Evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox, and more. As Christians, regardless of our denomination, we have so many things in common. We shouldn’t allow our minor dogma and doctrinal differences to divide us. A kingdom divided doesn’t last. If we desire to impact the world, change it for good, and remain lights and salts in the real world, we should work together and serve the world.
Not only that, Jesus, after training and mentoring them, sent His disciples starting from Jerusalem to the rest of the world. Christianity, however, withdrew from every influential industry and shrank into the four walls of the Church. Christianity abandoned science, marketplace, research, media, education, politics, art, and so on. That is why we’re called restorers. We’re empowered to reclaim and restore the influence Christianity lost. That is why our logo has the word R in the middle, representing Restoration.

Forum1We suppose to be lights and salts in the world. We meant to act like yeast to change the world gently using excellence and wisdom. We don’t run away from the world and hide within four walls. We go out to care and serve the world for which the Father so loved and sent His only Son! We don’t sit on the sidelines and just judge the world for its errors and missteps. We roll our sleeves up and be part of the solution.

That is why the task of this ministry is to raise change agents and restorers. We are uniquely positioned to raise this generation’s Daniels, Josephs, and Nehemiahs. The latter were not religious. They served their generation using their God-given talent, insights, and wisdom. What the world needs is not more of religious people who are judgmental. The world is sick and tired of those who declare ‘I’m better and holier than you’, and therefore ‘you better listen to me’. What we need is leaders and change agents that roll up their sleeves and serve the world based on their callings, with their talents, and gifting.

We can only influence the world around us through our service, personality, and character. The world has heard enough about our preaching that Jesus saves, heals, cares, and loves. What they want to see is those of us who claim Christians follow His example, and serve the world with care and love.

WorldMovement1The harvest is plenty, what is missing is the servants. Unfortunately, we are busy in finding what differs us than what makes us one. Let’s change that trend by coming to work together on those issues that we share. If you share our ministry’s mission, and passion to empower Christians from diverse denominations to succeed in the real world, contact us, and let’s work together. Join this timely movement and contribute in advancing the Kingdom of God. We need your support, partnership, and prayer.