March, 2015

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Launching Conference on April 25 2015 1 – 4pm

2015 Launching Conference Flyer - FinalIf you’re a Christian professional working in the corporate world or a business owner, you don’t wonna miss this event!

Mark your Calendar: Saturday April 25, 2015 between 1 – 4pm. The theme of the conference is “Empowering Christians in the real world”. We are going to launch three projects (The Forum, Interview, and Panel Discussion) on that day. Be part of this movement…

Your calling could be to serve the world (for which the Father so loved and gave His only Son) using your talent and gifting.You may be a Christian inventor, innovator, investor, researcher, businessperson, politician, academician, artist, technologist, leader, mentor, coach, and so on. You know that you’re called to be light and salt in the corporate world. 

If one or more of the above statements describe you, this is the right place to begin this rewarding, and fulfilling journey with us. You need to be well equipped to excel in the place where you work and do business. The speakers, interviewees, and panelists of this conference are accomplished Pastors, Christian Technologists, Scientists, and Educators.

Let me give you a quick background about our ministry and answer your question: “Why are we doing this?”

The ministry was established in 2012. Here is how it went down. God showed us a need to serve Christian professionals in the corporate world, and we said ‘yes we’d make ourselves available in Your service to meet this need’. And therefore, we quickly responded to His calling by forming the ministry.

So far, we preached in some local churches, conducted Leadership Bible Studies, reached out to our partners via a monthly email update, wrote educational blogs, and provided video teachings (visit our YouTube Channel to check some of them:

Now, this is time to begin reaching out to our target audience both in person and virtually via our website, YouTube Channel, and in the future through TV and Radio programs.

Our prime target audiences are Ethiopian and Eritrean second-generation young professional Christians who don’t understand Amharic, Tigrigna, and Oromigna– the main languages that are used in Ethiopian and Eritrean Churches in the metro area. Of course, we are open to first generation Ethiopians and Eritreans who understand English, and also glad if other Immigrant professional Christians and Americans, who may not get the kinds of programs we provide from their home churches, join us.

Remember one thing though. We’re not claiming that the programs we provide to Christian professionals right now are enough for their holistic growth as Christians. We’re not asking you to leave your church, and ignore other aspects of Christian teachings. Our programs at this stage focus on empowering Christians in the real world. We strongly believe that while you’re attending your church, you may still need to benefit from our programs that specifically empower you to succeed in the workplace, and marketplace.

That is why we don’t see ourselves as competitors against the local churches. We rather seek partnership with those churches in the metro area and beyond that may want us compliment what they do in empowering their professional Christians.

You should understand what forced us to open this ministry and provide the kinds of programs we are going to launch on April 25, 2015. We witnessed that many of the mainstream churches lost their way and failed to disciple Christians to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Many churches, rather than equipping their members to emulate the way Jesus lived in this world by following the will of the Father to pursue and fulfill His assignment; they are trapped in the game of worshipping traditions, and teaching legalism.

Not only that, we believe that many of the teachings on Sunday mornings, in many traditional churches in the metro area, couldn’t be able to equip our target audience to succeed in their jobs, relationships, schools, and businesses from Monday to Friday. Though the Sunday morning sermon is important for Christian growth, unless it’s complimented with additional learning projects- like the ones we are going to launch- it cannot empower Christians to succeed in the real world. 

This is especially true when it comes to the young generation. The latter aspire to participate, have a say, and ask questions. They are less interested toward the one-dimensional approach practiced in many traditional churches. That is why, since our prime target audiences are young Christian professionals, the three projects we are going to launch are interactive that allow participants to ask questions, seek explanation, share their stories, perspectives, and even express their disagreements. Jesus was open to questions, and why not us?

Please note that we are not undermining the extra ordinary services many local Ethiopian and Eritrean churches are providing. They are doing their best in serving the first generation. Their sermons and other services such as Sunday Schools, Communion, and Prayer services are invaluable. What we are doing, as a ministry, is filling a gap to serve the second generation who don’t fully understand the local languages, and those professional Christians who work in the corporate world.

We are called to equip young Christian professionals to succeed in the workplace, and marketplace. We empower these professionals from diverse industries to become lights and salts in the real world. This was the original intention of Jesus. He didn’t save us just to remain within the four walls of the Church. He paid the price, and then empowered us to finish the job He began more than 2000 years ago. This is your turn to advance the Kingdom of God, and we’re here to support you!

That is why we selected three projects, and arranged a launching conference. We strongly believe that our target audience needs to be empowered to succeed in their efforts to form and successfully lead their families, start and thrive in their businesses, outshine in their careers, innovate, get elected and artfully serve the public, and so on.

Please join us on April 25, 2015 1 – 4 pm at 10613 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902.

You may also please invite Christians in your networks who may benefit from these unique and extra ordinary one of the kinds programs. Check details about the event from this link:

If you’re a Christian business owner, you may donate 50 USD that would be used to cover expenses. In return, you could be able to get a table to promote your business, products, and services. If you may have any question, please write us email at