April, 2014

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Reflection on Good Friday and Easter

Happy Good Friday and Easter!

ResurrectionI was meditating throughout the weekend of April 18 – 20, 2014. On Friday (Good Friday), I was meditating on what happened on that day more than two thousand years ago. I was reviewing, in my mind, the events that led to the crucifixion of Jesus. This exercise enabled me to uncover so many new insights and refresh some of the older ones. At the end of the day, I concluded that Good Friday is a representation of obedience, service, and love. It symbolizes an act of service- sowing oneself to harvest multitudes. Good Friday is also a sign of Divine forgiveness.

Remember, Jesus sowed his life on this day and trusted that he will resurrect it in three days and multiply himself. That ‘one seed’ has become billions. Let’s commit or recommit our life as Jesus did in the pursuit of our calling and passion while we are still in this season remembering Good Friday.

What happened after the crucifixion? Jesus was buried in a cave tomb. What was going on in the two camps: In the camp of Jesus’ followers, and the Pharisees? Though Jesus foretold his disciples that he was going to suffer in the hands of the Pharisees and be raised to life on the third day, they weren’t paying attention (Matthew 16: 21). That was why they were sad, frustrated, hiding, and hopeless.

I’m not here judging them. Let’s be real. Don’t we all have this same experience once in awhile and regardless of the promises of God? In any case, for three days, Jesus’ fans and followers saddened and lost hope while the other camp thought they won, partied, and danced only for a while.

While you’re sowing yourself today and your things seem dying, don’t forget that a time will come where you’ll harvest exponentially. There may be people who laugh at you and count you out. You may be saddened and thought it is all over for you. You may not find yourself in this position right now but remember this when you face such a predicament in the future. The message is? No one can write you off. You may be at the bottom of a pit at this stage of your life but it is for a while. That the same power that resided in Jesus and raised him to life is in you. ‘What is in you is greater than what is in the world’. No power can contain you and put you down forever.

On the third day, Jesus came back to life and resurrected. His resurrection ended the mourning of his followers and restored mankind to its former glory. Easter represents power, restoration, reunion, forgiveness, and humility. Many things have been said about the other signs of Easter. Let me say a few words about humility. Jesus’ resurrection was an extraordinary event in the history of humanity. Jesus’ resurrection humiliated his critics and those who condemned him to death but Jesus did not brag about it nor tried to embarrass his enemies in public. He took a low profile and quietly finished his post resurrection assignments with his disciples, and departed from this planet in a private ceremony among his followers. What a manner of humility! This is a great lesson for all of us as we celebrate Easter, and enjoy our season of restoration and triumph.

Thus, as we are in this Easter season, let’s believe that those dear things that we have lost will soon be restored. Our days of suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, sadness, sickness, lack, and so on will soon be over. We will experience restoration, if not yet, very soon. The time has come where you will be above your circumstances and things that have been oppressing and tormenting you and your family, business, and ministry.

Dr. Assegid’s interview on his second book- The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks

The Hosts of Between The Covers for Book Lovers interviewed Dr. Assegid about his second book- The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks.

Here is the link: http://new.livestream.com/villageconnectortv/events/2856223

Jesus & His extraordinary communication ability

3DDear Restorer,

One of the most important attributes you need to succeed as a professional, business owner, minister, and/or community leader is communication. One of my favorite motivational speakers Les Brown once said that communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor. That is why, in my recent book, I incorporated communication as one of the cardinal building blocks for continued success in leadership.
As I told you last month, Jesus is one of the three great leaders featured in this book. In this edition of Restorers Connector, I would like to share with you an excerpt from the book concerning the extraordinary communication ability of Jesus:
“Jesus was an extraordinary communicator whose audiences were delighted to hear from him (Mark 12: 37b). Using parables and stories, he could communicate and connect with people from diverse cultures and generations. He used his amazingly powerful communication ability to attract, connect, motivate, empower, and retain change agents who finally transformed the world.
Jesus’ communication skill is timeless and we should learn from his communication approaches because Jesus:
· Painted clear pictures in the mind of his listeners using his words.
· Understood his audience very well.
· Communicated simply. He simplified very complex spiritual concepts using simple words and stories.
· Knew what he was talking about. He had insights and lessons very helpful to his audience.
· Communicated purposefully. He communicated to extend messages, offer advices, and initiate change.
· Was likeable. He was friendly with regular people. Could be able to relate and connect even with people who were considered sinners.
· Demonstrated passion as he communicated, and showed sincere interest with his audience.
· Knew when to talk, listen, and be quiet.
·Was skillful in providing feedback, one of the most challenging ways of communication. He had the courage, honesty, and wisdom to tell the truth while still showing care and love.
· Communicated with authority. The people who heard Jesus communicate were astonished as he communicated with authority. “The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority.” (Mark 1: 22)
· Had authenticity and his messages were powerful. He walked the talk. Jesus communicated not from his memories but from his heart and out of conviction…” Taken from Page 170