November, 2013

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How to stop entertaining negative thoughts?

Stop SignLast month, we discussed about the importance of understanding the sources of the thoughts that cross our mind’s airspace. I asked you who is firing thoughts in your mind and suggested three sources. Knowing the source of a particular thought is important because, it dictates whether we should continue to entertain the thought or starve and kill it.

We shouldn’t entertain and nurture thoughts that are against the Word of God, and our core values. However, this task is easier said than done. Among the thousands of thoughts that cross our mind’s space on a daily basis, the majority of them are negative. And it is hard to immediately stop a negative thought, and move on. 

In this month, we gonna further discuss a couple of methods we may use to stop entertaining negative thoughts. Remember here, stopping to think negative thoughts is a passive process. But very helpful in advancing our effort in renewing our mind.

Stopping to entertain negative thoughts may not help us directly renewing our mind. Nonetheless, if we stop entertaining negative thoughts, it gives us a chance to quicken the renewal process. We could be able to challenge our habitual thought process that deters or slows us from quickly renewing our mind.

Let me ask you, what kinds of methods do you use to stop entertaining negative thoughts? Have you been successful? Or do you want to learn more approaches? If you said YES, continue to read…

There could be many ways to stop nurturing negative thoughts. Here are a couple of simple steps you may consider in your effort to stop feeding negative thoughts. If one method doesn’t work, try another one. This is my hope that you may find one or more of the following simple methods helpful in your effort to reduce the rate of entertaining negative thoughts:

  1. Acknowledge that it is a negative thought. The moment you recognize it as negative and against the will of God, you just marked it to die.
  2. Reverse the thought. For instance, if you find yourself resenting someone/something, reverse the gear, focus and think on the good sides.
  3. Purge the thought. Cite selective scriptures that may override the negative thought.
  4. Meditate. Quit what you’re doing for a while and meditate. It could be for a couple of minutes.
  5. Take some actions. If a negative thought continues to bug you and the above methods don’t work, don’t sit there and fight it; do something. It could be reading a couple of pages from a book but you can pick any other task that gets you off the hook. You’ll be surprise to learn that that particular thought’s life cycle is interrupted by you doing something…

Hope, these help…

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