August, 2013

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Renewing your mind until you possess the Mind of Christ

Mindset4In this post and probably in the coming few, we would like to take this opportunity and provide you a little bit of information about one aspect of our ministry, the detail of which you may not find from our website. These opportunities will give you the chances to know more about the ministry, provide your feedback, and see if you can be a partner to advance this aspect of the ministry.

AHM is a teaching ministry that focuses on redemption, restoration, and reformation… In this blog post, we are going to cover restoration very briefly. We have asked so many questions in regard to restoration, and today, we are going to share with you just two of them: What should be the roles of God, and humankind to accomplish holistic restoration? How can the ministry contribute its share in this endeavor?

We only attempt to share with you the answers to these two questions partially because of time and space limitation. As a teaching ministry, our role is to raise awareness about holistic restoration- the full restoration of humankind’s four parts- Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. As you already know, the restoration of the spirit is instant. Redemption is on the spot when someone believes in the redemptive works of Jesus. However, restoring the rest of humankind’s parts take time, and the involvement of both God and humanity. This is where the ministry comes in, and plays its share in raising awareness by providing empowering teachings that elevate the understanding and knowledge of our partners so that they may experience the full and holistic restoration God intends them to enjoy. Are you excited? Do you want to venture with us? This is a lifetime journey. Are you ready for this long but rewarding ride?

It is unlikely to enjoy a victorious life without achieving holistic restoration of all of our parts. The challenge is that many people become religious and think that they can accomplish this task through fasting and prayer alone. Yes, these tasks are very important to petition God for the part He should play. For the part we play, the very first task is getting understanding. Almost everybody knows this popular scripture: “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4: 6). This grand truth applies here. There is nothing God can do to heal this disease called ignorance. He is infinitely wise, and therefore, detests ignorance. We are responsible to enlighten ourselves and know the truth and knowledge that are very important to enjoy holistic restoration. That was why Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8: 32).  There is no short cut to enjoy holistic restoration. The ministry is dedicated to dig deep with its partners, and uncover many truths that will set us all free from any bondage that comes from ignorance- that deny us from enjoying holistic restoration, which is our birthright.We should claim this birthright right now and while we are still alive. We should not wait till death and after life…

We will cover details in the future using Restorers Connector monthly newsletter, and Restorers Broadcasting Networks. For now, let’s just talk some pointers and we will continue their details in the future. First, let’s single out and talk about the mind.  The Apostle Paul knew that fasting and prayer alone cannot renew the mind. He wrote: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). Almost every Christian knows this verse. The question is how do we restore our mind by renewing it on a consistent basis, and experience real transformation that produces tangible and intangible results? What are the practical steps we should take to initiate, execute, and monitor this grand transformation? How do we measure whether we have renewed our mind? And many other important questions. These and similar other questions are some of the quests for which the ministry will continue to seek answers, prepare modules, and teach using both the Bible, and scientific discoveries. Yes, it isn’t a typo error- both the Bible and scientific discoveries.

For now, let’s wait another time to explain to you how we integrate the Bible and scientific discoveries to help our partners understand how the mind works, and engage in the renewal and transformation of our mind. One thing you should know that, unlike many churches and ministries, we don’t discredit, disown, persecute, and demonize the mind. Rather than understanding how it works and using it for the very purpose God created it, since doing so is a little bit time consuming, requires discipline, and dedication, they preferred to reject the mind all together. The ministry embraces the mind, and encourages its partners to unleash its full power for the glory of God, and advancing humankind’s civilization and our collective fulfillment as a race.

We believe that great minds continue to arise from within the Kingdom who influence various industries- business, media, charity, politics, academics, art, and so on. They are salt and light to the world. Principles, laws, inventions, and wisdom will continue to come out from these great minds who dwell in the mountain of the Lord (Isaiah 2: 3).

The goal of the ministry is to empower its partners in renewing their minds until they will have the Mind of Christ. With this kind of mind, you’re a candidate to change the world, and influence your generation. In whichever stage we may find ourselves at this point in our Christian life, the ministry is dedicated to contribute its share so that we all may renew our mind one step at a time until we possess the mind of Christ, and contribute our fair share in advancing the civilization of humankind forward using our God-given talent, gift, and calling.You’re called to be part of this movement.

We will continue from here. In the meantime, we would love to hear your feedback, and suggestions. We also encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel ( so that you will be notified as soon as we upload video clips about restoring our body, mind, soul, and spirit… You may also consider, if you haven’t yet, joining our mailing list to receive our monthly email update (Restorers Connector) by going at the bottom of this page, and sign up using your email address. We assure you that we won’t share your email with others nor do we bombard you with emails now and then. It is just once per month thing…