April, 2013

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You’re called to greatness


I am so much excited to travel to Philadelphia and deliver a training session on Saturday morning, and preach on Sunday afternoon. The training session is arranged for the leadership of New Life Church. The senior Pastor of this great church (I know them great because I preached there in Nov 2011 on ‘Purpose-Oriented Living’, and also gave half a day training too), Pastor Woubshet Humasso has been my friend, partner, and mentee. He is a dedicated servant leader who grows himself as a shepherd to feed his sheep, and also a change agent who empowers his people. The topics include:
1. Effective communication that transcends barriers
2. Teamwork that unleashes the untapped collective potential of your team
3. The art of leading values-centered church
4. Character: The cornerstone of your leadership
On May 12, I am going to preach on the topic Called to Greatness! God created man for greatness (to rule, dominate, and govern). However, man separated from God and lost its greatness, and lived in darkness for a very long period of time. Even in that dark age that separated man from God, God called individuals like Abraham, David, and many more servants of God to greatness. They were obscure among their communities but God called them to greatness. No single person in our history who truly came in contact with the Most High remained the same. You and me aren’t exceptional. We are called to greatness!  
However, the call to greatness offered to the whole humanity when God (His Son) transcended from eternity to time and restored back humanity to greatness (our former glory before fall). Jesus transformed fishers of fishes into fishers of men (women). They were called by Him from obscurity to greatness: They became change agents, and turned the world upside down. Jesus also promised to any one who believes in Him (The Way, the Truth, and the Life) to become great, and even do greater things than He did while He was on earth. 
My friend, we are called to greatness, and what are we waiting for? Unless we believe that there is greatness within us, we don’t have the confidence to fulfill our mandate and render the service the Great One expects us to render. You are a candidate for greatness, and this is time to claim your greatness, if you haven’t yet, and begin the journey toward greatness. 
In this sermon, my goal is to share with you stories that remind you that you are entitled to greatness, and to show you those abilities built-in in you that can transform you from where you are in the greatness spectrum to where God is expecting you. There are great lessons we should learn from those who responded to God’s call to greatness. What did they do or become to claim their greatness? How can you apply these lessons? And many more…Don’t neglect, delay, and hide from this call, and live in the shadow…Enough is enough!

If you are in and around Philadelphia, don’t miss this opportunity. Not only you hear from me, but also you hear from Pastor Woubshet- an articulate, passionate, and charismatic teacher. The worship will be led by Gospel Singer Gelaye Mideksa. 

Reignite the fire within you, and recommit yourself for the call you received from Above. Let the day of pity party, the feeling of unworthiness, and living a casual and mediocre life be gone! Use this day to start that journey toward greatness. I will pray with you, and I am sure that He will hear us, and will be with us as we pursue the journey toward greatness, fulfillment, and the place of rest and peace. If you make it, I will also love to chat with you between and after programs while I am there.

Sponsoring a half-day seminar for your church or youth leadership


I. Ask the following questions and reflect:

1. Wouldn’t it have been great if you knew the most important leadership attributes that are critical to your success as soon as you began your leadership journey?

2. What would have happened if you recognized and were able to develop these vital leadership traits sooner rather than later?

3. How much would you be willing to pay for a seminar containing information on the most fundamental leadership skills needed to succeed in your current leadership position? Well, it isn’t too late…

1. Have you asked yourself whether you have the most fundamental building blocks you need to succeed in your current leadership position lately?

2. These days, have you sat down and made an assessment on your leadership attributes and whether you need to add some more and/or fine tune the ones you have already developed?

3. Have you wondered on how to evaluate, monitor, and most importantly improve some of the leadership attributes you need to take your life, career, business, and/or organization to new heights? Well, you have an opportunity ahead of you…

II. Who should attend this seminar?

At this point:

• You may be a Christian who would like to excel in life, advance in your career, do your business smartly, and looking forward to equip yourself to lead your life, career, and/or business successfully.

• Or you may just formed a church or ministry or just promoted to a new leadership position, and you are wondering about the most important leadership attributes you need to develop to succeed in your new role as a leader.

• Or you may be an experienced and seasoned minister or corporate manager or youth leader, and you are wondering whether you have all of the most fundamental building blocks you need to take your organization to new heights and actualize your vision.

• Or you may be a successful church or business leader with great track records but, lately, you haven’t got that many chances to sit down and make assessment on your leadership attributes. You haven’t got the opportunity to evaluate; monitor, and most importantly improve some of the leadership attributes you need to take your life, career, business, and/or organization to new heights.

III. What to expect?

This is a super opportunity for both seasoned and novice leaders. Whether you are a prospective or novice or seasoned leader, you should have these essential leadership attributes in your tool-kit if your desire is to succeed continually.  They are collectively called the Nine Cardinal Building Blocks. They are divided into three categories:

  1. Founders
  2. Propellers
  3. Sustainers

Under each category, there are three building blocks. The seminar follows the outline of the workbook. The workbook, within each building block, discusses the following and more:

  1. The definition and importance of the building block
  2. Its relevance toward the different aspects of our leadership
  3. Benefits we may enjoy when we develop this building block
  4. Challenges that deter us from developing and fine tuning it
  5. Steps to develop and improve it. And many more.

This interactive and intensive seminar will give you a life transforming experience, and you won’t be the same. There will be large and small group discussions, and Q&A sessions. The workbook also provides, at the end of each building block, individual and group assignments, opportunities to write down your new realizations, and an action plan that details on how you are going to further improve that particular building block.

What is more, participants will have a chance to discuss Jesus and the Nine Cardinal Building Blocks. During this small group discussion, each group evaluates whether Jesus had adopted this framework, and how much these nine cardinal building blocks contributed for the success of Jesus’ leadership.

IV. Brief bio of the facilitator

SeminarJuly6_2013_AHMIn whichever category you may find yourself, you have now once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a one-day (half a day) seminar that will be facilitated by Dr. Assegid Habtewold who:

1.Has two decades of practical experience in the area of leadership development.

2.Published a book entitled “Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life” in 2011.

3.Leads a Ministry that empowers Christians (www.assegid.org).

4.Since 2009, has been researching, writing, providing trainings, and conducting consulting projects to earn Doctor of Strategic Leadership.

5.Has been giving motivational and Keynote Addresses, and trainings on those topics that are discussed in the workbook (Check some sample videos: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmwkZ3rW48ehoT1dMLGP_YA)

6.As part of his final project, has written a workbook entitled “The Nine Cardinal Building Blocks: Developing the fundamental leadership attributes for continued success”. These leadership attributes are fundamentals leaders from all walks of life should be well acquainted with, develop, and practice.

V. Benefits you may enjoy by attending this seminar

Participants will use the workbook, which is filled with lots insights, thought provoking questions, assessments, individual and group assignments, and the opportunity to reflect and write down the new realizations they will make at the end of each building block.

The following are just some of the learning and growth benefits you may gain from attending the seminar:

1. Understand the full spectrum of leadership, and the most important leadership traits you need to succeed in the 21st C

2. Recognize where you stand, and areas of improvements in your leadership

3. Equip yourself not only with the insights and tools that take your leadership to a new height but also to become an effective mentor for the people under your influence

4. Get empowered to lead your life, career, team, business, and/or organization with a renewed leadership excellence. This leads you to enjoy a fulfilling life, relationship, more revenue, and progress in your career and business…

5. Avoid unwanted and unnecessary prices that may come from the lack of one or more of the nine cardinal building blocks. Avoiding these prices leads you to less distractions, more focus; fewer wrong turns and U-turns, moving forward; less stumbling blocks, more opportunities, etc.

6. Share your stories and experiences, and also learn from your peers’ stories and years of experiences during small and large group discussions

7. Increase your network with other like-minded leaders that are serious about personal and leadership development, who work on their growth to serve their people with excellence, commitment, and discipline.

8. And many more lessons…

This is a super opportunity for both seasoned and novice leaders. Whether you are a prospective or novice or seasoned leader, you should have these essential leadership attributes in your tool-kit if your desire is to succeed continually. This interactive and intensive seminar will give you a life transforming experience, and you won’t be the same.


This is a good opportunity for your church leadership and/or youth leaders, or volunteer leaders in your church. However, we are flexible to customize and present the seminar as per your request.

Video- You’re a Walking Kingdom!

RBNAHM’s Restorers Broadcasting Network (RBN) released its first program. The theme of the program is “You’re a Walking Kingdom!” In this teaching, the Host of RBN- Assegid Habtewold, explains that entering into the Kingdom of God is now. He covered the following main points:

1. Where is the Kingdom of God? Though God is everywhere and aware of what is going on in this universe (His Real-estate), As Jesus said, the Kingdom of God is within us. We have the portal within us to host it…

2. How do we enter into the Kingdom of God? He pointed out that, entering into the kingdom of God isn’t a rocket science, and we shouldn’t wait until we become perfect or die. Entering into the Kingdom of God is just acknowledging the Kingdom of God within us away. Don’t wait forever (get in and get shaped toward perfection from within the Kingdom), activate the Kingdom within, and enjoy its full benefits now, says the Host.

Assegid also discussed the following points briefly:

3. How do we know we have entered into the Kingdom of God?

4. What are the benefits we may enjoy because we are in the Kingdom of God?

5. What are the lessons we learn from Jesus’ Kingdom lifestyle?

6. The need to balance living in this world and in the Kingdom of God at the same time

7. The importance of continually aligning ourselves with the Kingdom of God when we experience Kingdom outage

8. Fellowship and hanging out with people who are in the Kingdom of God and Kingdom minded

Here is the link to watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yVeqQ0LZ4U

Note: Be a Partner of our Ministry and support us in your prayers, morally, and financially so that we could be able to produce more of such programs professionally and with high quality (professional studio, camera, voice-over, editor..), and most importantly to broadcast RBN programs on TV and Radio stations, and also stream it online to spread Jesus’ redemptive and restorative messages around the world.

‘Called to Greatness’ Conference on May 11 – 12, 2013

may11_13_pennsylvania_paIf you are in and around Philadelphia, you may come and be part of the conference entitled “Called to Greatness” which will be held on May 11 – 12, 2013.

For detail, check the flyer on the left side. And if you may have any question, contact the senior pastor of New Life Church Pastor Woubshet using the telephone number on the flyer.

See you there…

Don’t be a Bully; be a Restorer!

BullyIndependent thinkers bullied throughout our history

Throughout our history, many individuals are pushed around and bullied to join the herd’s mentality. Those who chose to remain independent thinkers paid dear prices. We can divide these enlightened individuals into three:

1. Those who were extorted and later rejoined the herd mentality

2. Those who continued in their independence and finally won the majority and even celebrated as heroes/heroines while alive

3. The rest are those who continued in their independence but further got isolated and continually bullied until they died/killed.

The latter might have lost their contemporaries but history vindicated them, and therefore, celebrated by the succeeding generations as prophets/prophetess, philosophers, thinkers, and heroes/heroines.

Think about the authentic thinker and philosopher Socrates who was poisoned and killed by his contemporaries but celebrated by the succeeding generations, and for sure will continue to be celebrated by generations to come. What about Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified because His contemporaries found Him guilty of calling God His Father? Regardless of the opinions and verdict of His generation, for the past more than two thousands years, He has influenced billions, and earned their adoration and worship. The list continues…

Bullies think that they are serving God

The challenge with bullies is that they think they are serving God. Jesus was bullied by the religious elites who used various mechanisms to stop Him from saying, doing, and living according to the truth. However, not only He left for us His exemplary lifestyle that outlived bullying but also His saying that remind us why the bullies do what they do: “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God” (John 16:2).

The Apostle Paul was also bullied by his own countrymen who felt that he betrayed their forefathers and their religion. Paul came in contact face to face with the ultimate Truth (Jesus who said, I am the truth…[John 14:6]). That encounter revealed to him who he truly was, and what he should do in the rest of his life. Paul never gave in to bullying. He preferred to be blackmailed, isolated, stoned, and killed than abandon the truth. As you might already know, at one point, the bullies conspired to kill him.”The next morning some Jews formed a conspiracy and bound themselves with an oath not to eat or drink until they had killed Paul” (Acts 23:12). You see, they were religious; they were fasting and praying to kill because they thought they were serving God.

Bullying may not be always physical

How does someone knows when he/she becomes a bully? I am asking this question because bullying is not always physical. In these modern days, many countries and societies put in place laws that protect their people from physical bullying. But bullies use various sophisticated social, psychological, and systematic methods and styles to bully you around. The bullying types may differ from culture to culture and age group but the end goal is to forcefully stop you from thinking, behaving, and living according to the truth you discovered but rather submit yourself to the group mentality. What is sad is that the bullies maybe are defending dogmas, doctrines, sayings, and taboos that have been centuries old. If they took time to reflect and evaluate these things they defend unconditionally, they might not remain blind loyal and bullies any longer. But it takes the truth to set them free and make the shift, not your persuasion…

If you’re bullied, be a good cheer!

If you are a person who chose to live according to the expectations of the truth you discovered, I encourage you to withstand bullying. Don’t bow down to herd mentality. But rather, be a good cheer because you are a minority. There are very few people who take the time, sit down, reflect, and come face to face with the truth about themselves, life, the universe, God, and their future.

There is no place more empowering, peaceful, and joyful than knowing the truth, and live each day according to its expectations. Withstand the pressure to relinquish the truth and deface your true self to be accepted by the herd. Consider this challenge as a price to enjoy this extraordinary lifestyle. Be one with the truth, and don’t let the truth face humiliation and death in your watch and just so you may be accepted by the bullies. But rather, you should continue to restore yourself to the full, and also help others restore themselves to live according to the original thought God had for them before the foundation of the world.

Are you truly free?

In our history, we have noticed that those who came in contact with the truth preferred to die poor or obscure than renounce the truth because of bullying. The truth transcended them to withstand bullying and joyfully pay this price. Many were willing to give their life than forsake the truth. They didn’t give in to conformity to escape bullying. They were set free- free from fear including the fear of death, intimidation, and so on. That is why the Bible says; “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). Are you a free person or are you a bully?

Do yourself a favor, don’t be a bully!

If you are a bully, in this blog, I would like to challenge you not just to make a shift from bullying to restoring because I said so. Take your time, and reflect and think about it. I don’t know about you. You may be young, adult, or elderly. In whichever category you may find yourself at this moment, you will one day realize the truth, and you will regret because you haven’t taken the time to search and live according to the truth when it mattered the most. Who knows, when you come face to face with the truth, you may not have the time and energy to live up to its expectations; you may not have the courage to withstand bullying; and so on. When that day comes, the regret is double if you have lived your life bullying around people who think, behave, and act different than you. Do yourself a favor! If you don’t want to live a unique and authentic life for yourself based on the truth you yourself discovered, let others who took that step pursue their life. Don’t be a bully! Restore yourself (and help others) to a lifestyle based on the truth…

You are a mindset away to win your battles!

Mindset4You and me are a mindset away to win the battles we are in at this moment. We may not have the education, experience, finance, and/or connection it may take to win these battles and become who we wanna be. If we have the right mindset, however, it compensates these all disadvantages, drawbacks, and guarantees us victory.

That is what I shared with my audiences yesterday on April 13, 2013.

Think about it. We have many individuals in history, who have become successful without having any form of formal education. There are multitudes of wealthy people who started it from scratch without any business experience, without any financial support from their family/relatives, and without knowing important people. They configured their mind and it programed them back to succeed and become wealthy regardless of all kinds of challenges and obstacles they might have faced.

They were underdogs but that is history because of their advocate- their mind. They tapped into their infinitely powerful mind and won the battles. They saw themselves, behaved, and acted like champions and conquerors.

What about you? Is your mind in favor of you or working against you? What are you doing about it if it is sabotaging your success and causing you to lose your battle?

The Bible is full of stories where people who were perceived as underdogs won battles with the help of God because they had the right mindset that allowed Him to work with them. One of such a person was David. I am sure that you know the story (1 Samuel 17) but think about it for a minute and identify the differences between him and the thousands of soldiers who were terrorized by the giant Goliath.

There were, at least, three differences. They were well trained, equipped, and offered so many incentives to kill the giant. However, none of them confronted Goliath, let alone to kill him. On the other hand, David- the underdog, regardless of all the disadvantages (no military training, poorly equipped, and an outsider), he killed the giant, cut off his head, and that eventful day launched him to a new height he never imagined, and finally to became the most loved king of Israel.

Are you an underdog in the battle you are in right now? What is blocking you to reach where you wanna be in life? Who is your giant? What is standing between you and your goals? Who is terrorizing you? Whatever are your answers, you are a mindset away. Don’t panic, hide, and become restless…

You have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), and you should use it in your favor. Evaluate the current status of your mind, and if you don’t like it, change it! Rather than making you a winner and achiever, if it is programing you to fear, lose, and belittle yourself, this is time to renew it (Romans 12:2). Feed yourself with the right stories, books, and biographies. Associate with the right people with the right mindset. Closely monitor your thoughts on a consistent basis and don’t entertain those that don’t empower you to win your battles and become who you wanna be! You are closer than you think. You are just a mindset away!