September, 2012

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Worship Him for who He is!

We are thankful whenever others show something nice toward us whether that something is as little as a smile on their face or as big as giving us expensive gifts.  The tone and style of our appreciation, however, depends on lots of factors such as our culture, upbringing, the favor we have received, and from whom we received the treat.

Generally speaking, our admiration and gratefulness for what is being done for us from others are relatively high especially when we get unexpected big treat, gift, nice gesture, and word of encouragement from someone we least expect.

Nonetheless, we don’t offer worship toward any one regardless of the size and amount of favor we may receive. That is reserved to the One who deserves and the One who has earned it. The only receiver of our true worship is the Almighty God (and His Son).

If you carefully read, I said “True Worship”.

True worship doesn’t have to be given in return to getting something feasible or measureable from God once in awhile. We shouldn’t treat worship as one of the religious rituals. We shouldn’t wait until He answers our prayers or bless us with this and that ‘thing’.

We should worship Him from the bottom of our heart and no matter what is going on in and around us. These things don’t define God. They cannot change who He was, is, and will be.  He is unchangeable, covenant keeper, faithful, compassionate, loving and many more.

Let’s worship Him for who He is. He is the best thing that happened to the whole creation and us individually. He gave us life, the environment to live, to have dreams, the provision and strength to pursue them, and has been giving each one of us many other provisions on a daily basis, if not on less than a fraction of second basis.

There is nothing in the physical world that can substitute Him or can come closer to assuming His roles in our life (both for our physical, mind, soul, and spiritual needs). That is to say, He deserves our WORSHIP for who He is, and will continue to be now and in eternity. Who we are, and our future hope, all depends on Him.

We are, and will continue to be nothing without Him. On the other hand, He doesn’t need us; He is sufficient and complete without the saying or involvement of any of His creations. For that matter, worshipping Him brings so many countless benefits for us than it does bring to Him…

Therefore, let’s worship Him truly on a consistent basis. He deserves more than this…

Why don’t you just worship Him right now. I did it a couple of minutes ago and before writing this post, and will do it as soon as I click the submit button. For that matter this blog was inspired while I was worshipping Him…