August, 2012

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Leadership Bible Study Program is completed successfully

Certificate_AHMThe first round Leadership Bible Study Program (LBSP) was concluded successfully. The program was given for two groups and has been running on a weekly basis since February. Those who completed the program received certificate of recognition.

Taking Biblical leaders as examples, we completed a program that gave us a chance to draw leadership lessons from these great leaders. The Program was designed for Christian leaders who are partners of AHM. The Program focused in drawing lessons from some of the most influential Biblical leaders both from Old and New Testaments.



For each leader, we asked these and many other questions:

  •     What was his mission?
  •     What was his vision?
  •     What were his values?
  •     His leadership style (s)?
  •     His strengths?
  •     His weaknesses or things he should have done differently?

Most importantly, we dedicated enough time to take lessons from their leadership experience. The goal is to embrace and practice the good ones, and avoid the bad ones and refrain from making the same mistakes they committed. Of course, we also learned how to adopt the lessons to the objective conditions in the 21st century.