June, 2012

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Studying the Bible for practical applications

BibleIn the beginning of this year, as part of our Bible study program, we decided to cover three major themes. At this point, we have covered the majority of the foundational topics within the first theme.

For instance, during the past two weeks, we covered the triad nature of man- body, mind/soul, and spirit. We studied the nature, function, and coordination of these three different but important parts of man that are critical to survive and succeed in this world, and accomplish God’s purpose in this generation. We referred the Bible and also used latest scientific discoveries to better understand the natures of the three parts of man, how to effectively manage, and lead the different aspects of these three parts so as to live our life according to God’s will and commandments.

This and next week, we will cover the Kingdom of God. During these sessions, we will discuss the nature of God’s Kingdom, Its culture, principles, and how to enter, and live within the Kingdom of God while we are still in this world. Using the Bible and other books written on the subject matter, we will study, understand, and most importantly live our life according to the principles of the Kingdom of God.

AHM is dedicated to make sure that our teachings are profound and at the same time practical. We help our partners to have a deeper understanding about the Word of God and also know on how to apply them in the real world and on a daily basis. We empower our partners to live a winning and victorious Christian living as Jesus and His disciples lived more than two thousands years ago.

Nehemiah- a great restorer

Orthodox Jew Praying at the Western WallAHM is a Ministry that focuses on redemption, restoration, and reformation messages. In this past week, we together with our partners discussed the life of Nehemiah from the Bible. Nehemiah’s life is a good example to those of us who are called to become restorers. We can learn lots of lessons from this great man of God as we restore our personal life, and those things we care deeply.

Below are some of the most important lessons restorers should learn from Nehemiah:

1. Felt sad when he heard the ruin of Jerusalem’s walls. He was a very sensitive and caring person. And that was why he felt that way while others who learned that the same news showed no sign of concern at all. Are you a concerned person? How do you react when you hear bad things about the things, places, and issues you care about the most?
2. Responded for a call regardless of the situation he was in. Though he was far away and in a very tight situation, that didn’t stop him from responding for the call to restore the walls of Jerusalem. Are you a proactive or reactive person? What do you do about the call that needs your gift, talent, and resources?
3. Resourceful. Though he was in exile and a servant at the king’s court, he was able to attract and maneuver resources from the king, and finally could be able to mobilize the support of his countrymen to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Are you a person who only depends on those resources at your backyard or do you look beyond your courtyard to accomplish big tasks? Are you resourceful to pursue, and finally finish your assignments in life?
4. Strategist and wise. He didn’t go out without first fasting, praying, and thinking. He consulted with God, kept the assignment in his heart for awhile and until he figured out what to do about it. Are you a strategist? Do you take enough time to prepare? Do you take precautions when necessary so that you may protect your vision from abortion?
5. Focused. He refrained from being distracted while pursuing his assignment. He didn’t pay attention to the attempts of those who tried to divert his focus. Mockeries, insults, and threats never swayed his commitment to finish the task at hand and on time. Are you focused? Are you willing to pay prices like ridicules, threats, and continue to lead your purpose in life until it is finished and without losing sight? Have you fixed your eyes on the price and made your mind to remain focused until you finish the task at hand?
6. Many more…
There are lots of lessons we could learn from Nehemiah’s life. We are going to continue to study Nehemiah’s life this coming week too. For now, let’s stop it here…
Stay tune as we bring more lessons like these ones…