May, 2012

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Leadership lessons from Old and New Testaments leaders

AHM is committed to empower its partners so that they may restore their life and also become restorers. Restorers are leaders and change agents. Accordingly, we have designed some programs and in the process of adding more.

One of our active programs we have right now attracts partners who are interested to learn the leadership attributes of God the Father, Jesus, and the strengths and weaknesses of Biblical figures. Thus far, we have covered the leadership attributes of God the Father, Moses, Joseph, Samuel, David, and so on.

This week, we covered the leadership strengths of David from the Old Testament. There are dozens of leadership lessons one can learn from this great King of Israel. Next week, we are going to assess his leadership weaknesses and point out those leadership areas he should have done better. Once we are done with David, we will continue to study other leaders from the Old and New Testaments.

This program is not only designed to study and take lessons from these accomplished personalities but also, most importantly, apply these lessons in our day-to-day life. The goal is to make all participants become better persons and leaders. At the end of the day, our confidence is that our partners may adopt and practice the strengths of these leaders, and learn to avoid those mistakes and weaknesses.


AHM is also dedicated to enable its prospect partners, who haven’t yet partnered with the Ministry, to become lights and salts to their community and beyond. Accordingly, in the future, we plan to post some of the lessons here on our blog so that those of you who cannot participate at this moment, at least, get the glimpse of what our partners are getting.

Stay tuned!