April, 2012

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Teaching on proper Leader-Followers interaction

AssegidApril08_01On April 08 2012 Assegid taught at Grace Church, Springfield VA about proper leader-followers interaction for organizational success. He noted that many homes, organizations, and churches deal with unhealthy conflicts, divisions, and sometimes separations.

He argued that an event or someone may trigger the incident but, in most cases, both the leader and followers might have some share in instigating the conflict. One or more of the following could be the possible reasons that result in conflict: Wrong motives, misunderstandings, lack of effective communication, overlap and/or misplaced roles of the leader/followers, lack of values that promote unity, cooperation, harmony, and/or some unproductive cultural values that harbor conflict.


However, conflict and its unwanted consequences can be prevented. Accordingly, Assegid proposed the right kinds of motives that are expected from both the leader, and followers. He also put forward some values that should be adopted if the desire of both parties is to have a successful relationship free of strive, and conflict. He further pointed out some exemplary leader-followers interactions from the Bible, and demonstrated the kind of healthy interactions the two should form.

Teaching on the burden and prices of leadership

Assegid2On April 01 2012 Assegid taught at Grace Church, Springfield VA about the burden and prices of leadership. Many people relate leadership with power, authority, and fame alone. Very few understand the full prices and burdens of taking leadership. That is why many are enthusiastic to lead but, as soon as they are confronted with some challenges and obstacles, they quickly think that they are not called to lead or something is wrong with them. Since they haven’t immunized by knowing the burden of leadership and the price they should pay ahead of time, they quit leading when the going gets touch.

By taking from his newly published book entitled “Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to Fulfillment in Life”, Assegid highlighted that leadership is the birthright of all (Part I), and we all are entitled to lead according to our calling and passion in life. Nevertheless, we should be well aware that there are prices to pay and burden we should shoulder as we lead.

Even if we are taking a very small leadership initiative, there are challenges and obstacles that try to stop us. Unless we prepare ourselves that leadership isn’t always about achievements and successes, we would be disappointed when we are confronted with hindrances and some bumps on the road towards our destiny.

Therefore, not only leadership isn’t a free ride, but also is not always driving on the highway. There are wilderness phases and once in awhile walks in the valleys. When we read the Bible, we could be able to appreciate how great leaders such as Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul have passed through wilderness phases at some points in their leadership. We also read how they sometimes walked in the valleys.

Some of the prices of leadership (Part V: Section 7) are scrutiny, ridicule, rejection, intimidation, and assassination. No one cares when we are just surviving and living under the privilege of our birthright of leadership. The moment we step up, people start to scrutinize us to find dirt from our past, and try to disqualify us from leading. When we pay this price and keep going regardless, some people may continue to demand more price and ridicule us with the hope to discourage and bring us down where they are- lifetime followership. As we continue to pay these dues, they begin to increase the price and reject us. Many people are nice and they may leave us at this stage but some might continue to intimidate, and even assassinate us (or at least, our character). Thus, be ready to continue to pay the prices of leadership until you win the bid.

Teaching on Leaders-Followers interaction in Springfield VA

For the success of the 21st century organizations, their human resource plays a key role. The interaction between the leader and his followers determines the extent of that success.

The 21st century church is not exceptional. The more the interaction between the Pastor and his people is effective, the more success a given church may enjoy.

That is why this coming Sunday, Assegid is going to teach about this subject. Below are the info to attend the event:

Date: April 08, 2012
Location: 8304 Old Keen Mill RD, Springfield, VA 22152
Time: 1 –  2:30 PM

Explaining opportunities at AHM for local Pastors

On April 03, 2012, AHM’s Founder and President explained the mission and programs of the Ministry for some Pastors from Maryland and Virginia.

Using a Powerpoint presentation, he described the various conferences and workshops he has been giving for other Ministries in the metro area. And their importance if the same programs are arranged in their respective churches.

He also explained other available teachings, trainings, and workshop opportunities at AHM.