March, 2012

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Teaching on the burden of leadership in Springfield, VA

Leaders are viewed as people who enjoy authority & fame all the time. That is half true. There are prices they also pay. There are challenges that confront them on a consistent basis, as they lead. For that matter, anything good and deserving has prices.

However, we don’t witness much preachings and teachings about the burden of leadership. Rather, we are quick to judge leaders who face challenges and constraints as if there are something wrong with them. We some how developed a wrong perception about leadership. We think that the sign of strong leadership is when things go smooth, without burden and obstacles. However, from our history, those great leaders we admire passed through challenges, and even experienced loneliness sometimes.

Therefore, it is great when someone aspires to become a leader. The question is are you ready to shoulder the challenges that come with leadership? Do you want to be a leader both in the valleys and on the highways?
Whether you are a leader of your life, home, ministry, church, or organization, you should be well acquainted with the burdens of leadership, get immunized, and ready for battle. Without getting the full picture of what leadership entails, we may get frustrate and even quit leading when we are overwhelmed with challenges, obstacles, rejections, and so on. We should learn from the burdens great leaders shouldered and take lessons from their endurance. This way, we may wither challenges as they come, and stand firm to lead our destiny both while passing through the valleys, and highways. 

Date: April 01, 2012
Location: 8304 Old Keen Mill RD, Springfield, VA 22152
Time: 1 – 2:30 PM

vPartnership with AHM

AHM and its partners in Silver Spring, MD do fellowship, pray, and study the Bible on a weekly basis. However, due to limited space, we cannot add as many partners as we would like.  Of course, there are still a couple of seats where you may join us if you are in the metro area and without home church. First come, first served.

We strongly believe that, in the 21st century, distance shouldn’t limit us to partner. Accordingly, the Ministry created vPartnership opportunity for those of you who are afar.  You may become vPartner (virtual Partner) and benefit from the Ministry’s services.

For detail, you may contact us.

Workshop on Character

Assegid1A workshop was organized for leaders of the Anointed Word of God International Church in Washington DC on March 17, 2012. The theme of the workshop was “Character: The cornerstone of impactful leadership”.

The workshop directly relates to the mission of the Church, that is, presenting everyone fully mature in Christ (Colossians 1: 28). That is why Pastor Milisha arranged this workshop. This is a very wise choice because raising mature believers requires working on their character, and there is no better place to start that assignment, from the leadership.

There are lots of teachings about holiness but most of them are focused on abstaining from eating or smoking or dressing or drinking something impermissible, or not doing some bad stuffs. But character is more than that! There is also a misunderstanding where people think that character can be developed if they just pray and fast. They don’t realize that this task is primarily their decision, commitment, & effort on a consistent basis, which is until their last breathe. Others think that character can be imparted from someone who has good character. It is true that someone may influence another because of his/her good character but everyone is responsible to work on his/her character.

On top of that many leaders focus on their leadership competencies such as the ability to communicate, strategize, plan, and so on. However, Tim Elmore likened leadership with iceberg, and said that the 90 %, which is below the water, is the one that sinks the ship. Likewise, leadership is 90 % character, and 10% competency. Unfortunately, many organizations and Ministries invest less in developing the character of their leaders and people compared to their investment towards other areas of competencies.  Many give it little time, attention, and rarely develop their peoples’ character consciously.

MinishaChurchThat is why this conference was arranged: to clarify the concept character, its key place in leadership, and provide some tips on how to consciously develop character.

Note: Assegid Habtewold, Founder and President of Assegid Habtewold Ministries, facilitated the workshop. The workshop covered topics such as ‘What isn’t character’, ‘What is character’, ‘Why leaders need character’, ‘Major characters leaders should develop’, and ‘The steps to develop unshakeable character’.