Quiet your brain, enter into the spiritual universe, & fellowship with God

More than this gigantic universe that we haven’t yet able to see with our bare eyes (with the aid of powerful mega telescopes) fully, though truly vast, the spiritual universe we can only see with our inner eye when our external eyes are closed is more vast, powerful, and real. In the latter universe is where we will be able to find God and fellowship with celestial beings, as the Kingdom of God is within us.

Let’s stop searching for Him in the outside world where He doesn’t reside. Humans are the only temples of the Divine. Let’s find and communicate with Him inwardly, which doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t need to have a PhD or go to a Theological college. You’re built to exit from the physical universe, by lowering your brain’s waves, at will and with ease. You just need to dedicate time to do it regularly, to be calm and know that He is God, and to learn how to quiet your brain.

God is closer than our breath. What is more? To succeed in this world, we are in but not of it, we need to fellowship with God. Otherwise, we are incomplete and will never attain our individual and corporate fulfillment.

When we were designed, though He endowed us with unlimited potential and authority, which we haven’t yet even scratched, He also left a vacuum no one, no material, nothing satisfy.

Let the search and waiting to be over by just shutting your eyes and communion with the One who promised to open if we knock, to be found if we seek, and answer if we ask. It is as simple as that. Religion complicates it.

Don’t fall for that. Begin this rewarding journey now wherever you may be on the spiritual continuum.

And AHM is here to inspire, equip, and empower you to succeed on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

If you’re interested to hear more of such insights, and how to develop some of the skills necessary to use the insights, invite Dr. Assegid to your Church/Ministry.

In the future, he will be publishing books and offering programs tailored for Christians. If you would like to learn more about how he may serve your mission and team, reach out at assegidhm@gmail.com

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